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William Johnson
Aug 14, 2021
In Inner Circle Forum
I never met Nanci Griffith; being in the Northeast, I only saw her perform once in a small club/cafe in NY State many years ago. And yet, I have 12 of her CDs. Tells you a lot. I bought her first CD (might even have been a cassette tape) in NYC, where I was working more than 40 years ago. Fell in love with her voice/music from that day forward. Her songs...her voice...her collaborations... (on and on with the accolades) will live with me forever. I post next to nothing...but, occasionally, I have something to say. A, truly, sad time for all of us who knew her through her music. An even sadder time for thse who knew her on a personal level. More than being missed...its a time to remember Nanci and reflect on what she has meant to all of us in any circle we happen to be in. For all of you in "The Inner Circle," I implore you to watch everything on You Tube that is available on Nanci. Worth it...and more. Craig (yup, my "Inner Circle" sign up name is William...I go by Craig)
William Johnson
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