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Suzy's Inner Circle FAQ's

Why should I join Suzy’s Inner Circle?

In addition to all the benefits of the Inner Circle, all the money from subscriptions go directly to funding new creative projects from Suzy like new music and videos.


So is Suzy’s Inner Circle a website?

Yes, it’s a page on Suzy’s website. It’s just like any other page on the internet except that you have to buy a subscription to be able to see this one. There are also other pages that are part of the Inner Circle but they are all accessed from the main Inner Circle page. You get there using a browser (like Explorer, Chrome, Firefox or Safari) on your computer, tablet or phone.


So the Inner Circle is posts from Suzy?

Yes, but there are also other features. Every post allows members to comment. Just reading and interacting with the comments themselves is fun! There’s also livestreams and internet chat sessions that Suzy does for Circle members. Those stay up on the site for a while afterwards so you can see ones you might have missed when they were live. And there’s also a forum where members can talk to each other about Suzy and whatever else they want to talk about!


Isn’t it also an email list?

No, but every time Suzy does a post in the Inner Circle, if you’re a member you’ll get an email announcing it. The email will have a link that takes you to the post on the Inner Circle page.


Do I have to get email notifications?

No. Some folks might only want to check the website occasionally and not get the emails at all. Here’s how to change your personal email preferences. Go to the Inner Circle page: At the top right, you should see your name. Right next to your name is a little downward pointing arrow. Click that arrow and select any of the options there and you’ll be taken to another page. On the left there is another list of options. Click Settings. You’ll see options for when you want to receive an email.


But isn’t there also a newsletter?

Yes, Suzy maintains a completely separate email list for her newsletters and big announcements. If you want to get the free newsletter you have to sign up separately for that on the home page at Being a member of Suzy’s Inner Circle does not mean you’ll get the newsletter, and being on the newsletter list does not mean you’re in the Inner Circle.


Isn’t the Inner Circle also an app on my phone or tablet?

Not exactly, but there is an app for your iPhone or iPad that allows you to see the Inner Circle if you’re already signed up to it. It’s called Spaces by Wix. Most, but not all, of the things you can see and do in the Inner Circle you can see and do from the app. Once you have the app you need to follow Suzy Bogguss and then click on ‘Blog’. You can find the app at the Apple store.


If you’re using a phone or tablet to see the Inner Circle you can use the app, but you don’t have to. You can always get to the Inner Circle on your phone or tablet straight through the internet using a browser.


Are there two steps to join the Inner Circle?

Yes. You have to complete both of these steps to join Suzy's Inner Circle:


  1. Become a member of Suzy’s website. This is where you set up a ‘profile’ with a your email address and a password. You also have the option of using your Facebook login or Google login information if that’s easier for you.

  2. Purchase a subscription to Suzy’s Inner Circle. This is where you give us your credit card information.


Can you tell me more about the livestreams and chats?

There’s a window at the top of the Inner Circle page called ‘Inner Circle Livestreams’ where you watch the livestreams and chats. When you click play you'll see icons for various options including expanding the screen to full size. If you click on the three small lines at the bottom of the window you’ll see some of the past livestreams. This feature is not accessible from the app.

Can I interact with Suzy on the livestreams?

Yes, you can write comments from your computer that Suzy will see in real time. It’s not currently possible to comment during a livestream using a phone or tablet. Right now you can only comment if you’re using a computer on the internet. Commenting using a mobile device is something we’re hoping to add in the future.


I’ve signed up, but I still can’t see the Inner Circle posts. What should I do?

There could be several things going on here:

  • First, be sure you did both steps - signed up and gave your credit card info. If you only did the first step it will let you in only as far as the payment page. 

  • If you can’t log in at all then something is wrong with your login settings. Did you sign up with an email address and password, or did you use a Google or Facebook login? If you used email are you sure you have the right email address? Are you sure about your password? 

  • Another common problem is that folks have more than one email address stored in our system, but only one of them has the Inner Circle subscription. Maybe you bought something from our merchandise store a long time ago and set up an account at that time, then you used a different email address when you signed up for the Inner Circle.


If you still think something is wrong, by all means let us know! You can always reach us at


I can see the Inner Circle page but I’m not getting the emails when Suzy does a post. What’s going on?

There are a few different things that could be the problem:


  • The biggest reason some people aren’t getting the emails is that their email is flagging us as spam. The first thing to do is to look in your junk folder and see if you find one in there. If so, you have to tell your email application that it’s not junk. Every email program works differently so you might have to do a little research to find out how to do that with yours. 


  • If you don’t find any in your junk folder it may be that your email service is blocking it before it even gets that far. If that’s the case, you might have to do what’s called ‘whitelisting’. That means you have to tell your email service not to block email from Again, every email service is different so you might have to do a little research. 


  • Another reason for not getting emails is simply that we have the wrong email address for you on file. That’s easy to fix. Go to the Inner Circle page: At the top right, you should see your name. Right next to your name is a little downward pointing arrow. Click that arrow and select My Account. You’ll see your account information including the email address where you want us to contact you. Make sure you have that exactly right.


Again, if you’re stumped we can probably help. Please let us know at


I have a new credit card, how do I change it for my Inner Circle subscription?

If you use Paypal to pay for your subscription, you'll need to log in to your Paypal account to make the change. If you pay directly through our site, there’s actually not a way to change your card in our system, but the solution is simple. The next time you try to log in to the Inner Circle, if it won’t let you in, you can give us the new credit card information then. You don’t need to change your login or password, only your credit card.


Can I ask a question you didn’t answer here?

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